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Madeleine Edey

Madeleine Edey

“As a teacher I want the children in my class to gain more than just an understanding of Maths and English; I want them to understand forgiveness, compassion, kindness and fairness. In my teaching I aim to meet each individual student where they are at and provide a place for their individual talents to bloom. I have a desire to help students understand their potential and purpose in this life as children of God.”

Madeleine Edey joins our Primary campus after having completed her Bachelor of Education in Primary Education at UTS. She is excited to be a part of the team because she believes “It is a supportive environment where I can teach students about God and integrate a biblical worldview into the classroom. I seek to help others come to know the love, forgiveness and freedom that knowing Christ brings, which is why I love working at Norwest, as the school’s teaching aligns with my personal desire to share Jesus.”

She spent her gap year between high school and university completing Year 13, the Anglican Youthworks program through which she did a month long mission trip in Fiji, completed five theological subjects towards a Diploma of Theology and served in her local church. In 2016 she spent 4 months working alongside missionaries in Nairobi, Kenya where she taught year 7 and 8 English, developed a reading program, taught informal music lessons and organised sponsorship for needy children.

Over the last 10 years Madeleine has lead at Sunday school and youth group. She believes the years spent leading youth group and teaching scripture demonstrate her passion to serve others and see young people come to know God.

In her spare time Madeleine loves playing basketball. She plays the Euphonium and enjoys baking. Madeleine also expresses a passion for Videography and creating various travel, educational and promotional videos. She also enjoys traveling, seeing more of God's creation and exploring other cultures. She enjoys reading when there is time and is part of a book club.

“Every time I helped someone understand or learn something they didn't previously know or understand. When I see students I'm teaching get excited and passionate about what they are learning in class I am reminded of why I love being a teacher.”

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