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Lusi Frost – Seed Academy

Lusi Frost – Seed Academy

In 2019 we welcome Lusi Frost as a Drama tutor in Seed Academy.

Lusi has always been passionate about drama - when she was young she was involved in every and any performance opportunity, and even ran drama activities for her friends during lunchtimes. From the ages of 7 - 10, she was involved in professional acting and was featured in short films and a television show. Since then, Lusi has been developing her craft and growing her passion for drama. She loves that it requires more skills than simply portraying a convincing character - drama teaches self-expression, social skills and empathy. "It trains you to think with a positive mindset that every idea is worth exploring, and every person’s ideas are worth hearing."

"Drama has brought me so much joy throughout my life, and I am excited to share this with students of SEED Academy." Lusi cannot wait to take part in this new program and provide young students with the opportunity to dive deeper into the world of Drama and performance, opening an avenue for personal growth and development of their drama skills.


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