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Luke Barnett

Luke Barnett

“It is an honour and gift to be able to have the position of ‘teacher’. I really seek to be part of exciting young people with the joy of reading and learning how they can express themselves.” Luke always knew he was going to be a teacher and earned his pedigree teaching Sunday school and eventually advancing to become a Youth Leader.

Luke has a broad range of interests and hobbies outside the classroom including the wonderfully geeky position of comics forum moderator (for IDW Publishing's Transformers and My Little Pony comics) and playing guitar, bass, and drums. He has toured in numerous bands, recorded EPs, and performed on stage with Dean Geyer. When not reading fantasy or crime fiction, wolfing down comics or collecting Transformers figures, Luke keeps active by playing basketball and other sports.

However, a greater passion of Luke’s is writing. "Writing comics!” he says. “There's something amazing about the combination of text and image on the page that transforms a story - comics are a weird world that is apart from both prose and film.” Luke has had one short story published in an anthology in 2012 and also has a 4-page comic about depression and relationships being produced in the second volume of the anthology "You Are Not Alone".

As a father with a daughter just starting Kindergarten, Luke maintains that “parenthood brings more joy, challenge and blessing than anything in life,” he says. “There is no way to be successful as a dad and still hold on to my greedy desires.”

Luke's family supports two Compassion children, one in Bangladesh and one in Nairobi. "Compassion's work enables families to not only find support, but grow their own communities and learn about the Gospel.” He also supports Anglicare's Toys and Tucker Christmas campaign.

As Norwest Christian College’s Stage 4 Coordinator, Luke supports students, staff and parents throughout their vital middle school years. A natural leader, Luke provides students with the guidance they need to succeed both academically and in all other areas of their lives.

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