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Louise Keun

Louise Keun

Louise will be teaching Stage 2 and is looking forward to working at Norwest because the staff team are passionate about what they do and work as a team to ensure a positive learning experience for our students. She says that at Norwest, “students have the opportunity to learn how God works in this world and to grow into the person He made them to be. In this way, academic achievement and Christian education complement each other perfectly.”

One of the reasons Louise became a teacher was, “I spent a day off school as a child hanging out in my mum's classroom, listening to her teach Year 6 with passion and humour. This planted the seed to retrain as a teacher when I was considering how best to use the skills I'd developed as a physiotherapist working with children and while raising my children.”

Louise enjoys getting to know each of her students as individual learners and using this knowledge to bring them to a point where they can experience the joy of mastering a new skill or concept.

“My most important ministry is to support my husband in his role as pastor of our church, where we are surrounded by people of all ages who are committed to seeing Jesus made known in our local community.” Louise also leads a women's Bible study group and has served as part of the EQUIP women organising committee since 2004.

In her spare time Louise enjoys spending time with her four daughters, trying out new dessert recipes, and attempting to keep a vegetable garden alive.

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