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Loren Copeman

Loren Copeman

“I think as a Christian teacher I have a unique opportunity to partner with families to teach their children about God, His love and purpose for them. I am passionate about opening God's word with my students and seeing this transform their lives,” says Loren, who joins our Infants teaching team. She has a Master of Primary Teaching however initially studied Nutrition and Dietetics with the plan to become a Pediatric Dietitian. She realised her love of teaching and the joy it gave her while working in kids ministry at church.

Loren recalls a moment when her students were disappointed that they didn't have time to work on an English project because of a special event that was happening at school. “At this moment I realised just how much the children had enjoyed being able to collaborate, share their ideas and create something using their new found skills and knowledge. They saw that what they had been learning had a purpose.”

In her spare time Loren enjoys spending time outdoors, going bike riding, bush walking and gardening. She grew up on 26 acres and spent a lot of time outside and on camping trips with her family to the bush or the beach.

Loren attends Emmanuel Anglican Church and helps with the Junior Youth Bible study group as well as serving in the winter kids program.

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