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Linsey Moir

Linsey Moir

There are few people who know Norwest Christian College better than Linsey, having worked at the College in various capacities for the past 15 years. “At the College we know our children well and understand their individual needs and idiosyncrasies,” she says. “No-one is 'odd' here, we all have our quirks.”

As Director of the Early Learning Centre, Linsey aims for the children there to really enjoy and engage in their learning. “Kids should embrace a challenge and feel proud of their achievements even to the point of excitement,” she says. “They need freedom and confidence to be who they are, not 30 little robots just ticking the boxes off the syllabus. Being passionate about something helps you follow it through to completion.”

Linsey has a talent for playing the flute and can outmatch almost anyone when playing word games. She also loves music, watching TV shows like ‘Dr Who’ and ‘Sherlock’ and spends much of her time making spreadsheets.

“I’m proud of our Early Learning Centre because we care about more than just teaching kids to read and write,” says Linsey. “We have a great opportunity to support families in a variety of ways (emotionally and practically) and show God's love in the process.”