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Linda Hogan

Linda Hogan

“What excites me most about teaching is igniting curiosity in students to learn something new, to extend themselves beyond what they considered themselves capable of,” says Linda. “It's a great moment in the class when you can see the 'light bulb' ding on.”

With over two decades of teaching experience, Linda joins the Norwest team as our new English and Drama teacher, as well as a Stage 6 mentor. “I am very passionate for students to grow into great men and women of purpose,” says Linda. “Surrounding students with lots of positive role models is so important at this critical time of adolescence. I always strive to be a great mentor especially for the young women that I teach.”

Linda’s desire to become a teacher developed when she was in Primary school. “My Year 4 teacher was urgently called away from the classroom. The teacher in the adjoining room rushed in, thrust a piece of chalk in my hand and nominated me to take over. It was such a delight at nine to be chosen for this 'important job' and I remember vividly thinking, “I'd love to be a REAL teacher someday!"”

Linda’s love of theatre began as a small child attending Dance classes. She completed all the exams in Tap and can often be found shuffling her feet under the desk as she works. Linda also plays the piano and loves to sew and create costumes for productions or for her four children when they attend dress up parties or events.

In her spare time, Linda and her family enjoy escaping to their family holiday house in Blue Bay. “Spending time by the beach is very soothing for the soul and helps to decompress from the busy-ness of suburban life,” she says. Recently, Linda and her family also had the joy of experiencing one of the seven natural wonders of the world, The Grand Canyon. “This was an incredibly humbling and awe inspiring experience. The beauty and magnificence was breathtaking!”

Linda and her family support the organisation WaterAid, an international charity which transforms lives in developing countries by giving thousands access to clean water. They also support the Boys’ Town charity and the work of Father Chris Riley with his "Youth off the Streets" program. At Christmas time, Linda and her family work with their local St Vincent de Paul’s branch creating beautiful hampers for families less fortunate. “Every child should celebrate the birth of Christ with a special family feast.”

“The staff and students have been exceptionally warm and welcoming, I look forward to getting to know families in the coming months.”