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Libbi Russell

Libbi Russell

“I have always known that I wanted to be a teacher even when I was little and would try to teach my younger nephews to read in my cubby house. The moment that made me decide that this is what I should be doing with my life, was seeing how my teachers created inclusive and engaging classrooms that enabled learning for all students no matter their needs or requirements. I knew that I wanted to be a teacher that would be able to support and engage students with their differentiated learning needs in a way that made them feel valued and accepted within the classroom and playground.”

In 2019 we welcome Libbi Russell to the Primary Campus. Libbi has a Bachelor of Business in Hospitality Management and a Master of Education in Primary Teaching. She is entering her fifth year of teaching in 2019, having previously taught at Blackett and Cambridge Park Public Schools. While working for the Department of Education, Libbi gained experience teaching in two Support Unit classes and two Year One classes.

A memorable teaching moment for Libbi was when a student in my with special needs who would refuse to take part in class activities if others were watching or listening, participated in our class discussion and writing lesson. “He was engaged in the topic and wanted to share his thoughts and feelings without any prompting to participate. The student also managed to write a response for the writing task where he would normally just answer verbally.”

Something that drives Libbi as an educator is that moment when you are witness to a student finally having a light bulb moment. “When they finally click with a lesson concept that they have been struggling with and they become excited and confident in their abilities.”

In her spare time Libbi enjoys playing the flute, singing and travelling to experience new cultures.

She attends Hillsong at the Greater West and Hills Campus and serves with Hillsong Hills Treasure Chest, a ministry for kids with special and additional needs. She loves seeing how the kids at Treasure Chest interact with the word of God and worship wholeheartedly in an environment that enables them to feel comfortable and safe.

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