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Leanne Ditton

Leanne Ditton

“I love coming to work in an environment where teaching children is not 'work', but rather a pleasure,” says Leanne. “As a teacher I have a vision for my students to grow into young adults that have a love for God, a passion for learning and the skills to be able to cope in the unknown world that lies ahead.”

As a primary school teacher, Leanne is required to be a bit of an all-rounder, a fact that is reflected in her interests outside of the classroom. She loves to sing (especially in the shower), plays tennis and netball, and enjoys reading both Terri Blackstock and Ted Dekker novels. She and her family also participate in the sport known as Geocaching. This involves downloading GPS coordinates from other members of the online community and then searching out hidden treasures from the strangest and most unique places. “It can involve scaling rugged terrain but also not so challenging landscapes, such as the beaches of Coastal areas” says Leanne.

Leanne knew that she was going to grow up to be a teacher the moment she sat her younger sisters down to help them learn their spelling words. She now values not only being able to teach her class but also the opportunity to be surprised by them. “I treasure that moment when a child asks a question that has never crossed my mind,” she says. “It gives us the chance to investigate together, which ultimately allows me to learn something and teaches the child that even adults never stop learning.”

In order to be the best teacher she can possibly be, Leanne is constantly keeping track of emerging trends in teaching and learning. “I think Norwest Christian College is special in that it is continually evolving to ensure that best teaching practice is a goal,” she says. “Here teaching is not the only focus, but the welfare of students is also a priority.”

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