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Laurence Wooding

Laurence Wooding

Laurence has a love for learning and a keen memory for seemingly useless information and facts. Receiving a Diploma of Laboratory Technology from Hunter TAFE, beginning PTC through Moore College, and with the intention to finish his Advanced Diploma of Theology through Youthworks College from the beginning of next year; Laurence comes as a very much welcome part of our teaching and support staff.

Throughout High School, he was backed by passionate teachers, who encouraged him to be faithful to God, and follow his passions. Science and Technology have always been a fascination of Laurence’s, and over the years has developed into a passion that he has begun to pursue. Laurence said, explaining the job he held previously; “I previously worked in the family business, WOTBOT Pty. Ltd., as an eLearning Developer for a few years, and then became the Director of Customer Interactions. It was a great role, but not without it's challenges.” While he has moved on from his responsibilities of this position, Laurence explained that he would continue to have a limited role in the company going forward; reviewing products for bugs and issues before their release. Besides his professional work, Laurence likes to pour through books and comics; run basic statistical analysis on random things; make well-intentioned attempts to learn languages, that ultimately fail after two weeks; listen to podcasts; and endeavours to find time to pick up his rusty musician skills again.

Laurence has in the past led at the Kids Club and Sunday School at his Church, Terrigal Presbyterian Church; “I absolutely love kids’ ministry. It is so fun and awesome to walk alongside kids through their lives; through the provisions of the Holy Spirit, guide them through the Bible; and be constantly reminded by them, that life is to be enjoyed.” Laurence also helps with the audio/visual aspects of the Morning and Arvo Church services. He loves to develop his ministry skills as he helps children learn about God and faith. “I am passionate about seeing kids, youth, adults; everyone, have an actual personal faith rooted in Christ.”

Laurence said, “When we were doing the start of the year training, when I began my position, I realised that NWCC has the approach to schooling, specifically Christian Schooling, that I wish every school had. An approach that focuses, and enforces a focus on preparing kids for not just the HSC, but for life. This approach, in reality, every school should have.”

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