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Julian Elton

Julian Elton

“One of the most defining moments for me, that lead me down the path of becoming a teacher, was learning about God for the first time in school. I saw how He worked in, and transformed my life. I realised then that He could use me to work that same change in others.”

Julian is the Chaplain and Biblical Studies teacher, here at Norwest Christian College. With a Bachelor of Business Administration and Arts in Philosophy, Julian has decided to work with schools to teach the children about Christianity. He has gained experience from his time at Christchurch Gladesville as a Ministry Trainee, where he taught scripture at three local schools, and at his local church. He also spent some of his time speaking at HSC study camps for the NSW Christian holiday society, Crusaders.

“I had a bible study with a group of year 12's,” Julian remembered, “who were exploring who Jesus was for the first time. Seeing the idea of God's grace just click for them, changing the way they thought and related to God, was one of the most memorable things for me.” Julian is excited to work with the students, to help them understand God’s position in their life and to introduce those who don’t know Him to His grace.

Julian enjoys exploring God’s creation and using the abilities he has been given to make the most of his life. We are glad to have him as a part of our school community.

“It is amazing to be a part of a place which offers such an encouraging and safe environment for the students to learn; not just gaining knowledge, but learning about life.”