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Joanne Wood

Joanne Wood

As mother of five children, Joanne knows a thing or two about the difficulties of buying uniform for kids who can’t seem to stop growing. Now, as the smiling face that greets parents in Norwest Christian College’s very own uniform shop, Joanne is perfectly situated to share her wisdom and her enthusiasm with the other parents in the College community.

After having been a stay at home mum, and bookkeeper for her husband’s business, Joanne is happy to be back at work. “I enjoy each and every day and I feel blessed that the College took a chance on me after being out of the work force for over 20 years,” she says. “I feel lucky to be part of such a positive environment where I can openly talk about God.”

Having been a parent at the College for many years, Joanne was thrilled to be able to further involve herself in the school. “I could see it as a great way to outreach to the College community and to provide a service that would enhance each family’s relationship with the school,” she says. “Everyone is caring, helpful and supportive. If the day is not going well, I can ask any of the amazing office ladies to pray with me.”

In her spare time Joanne enjoys reading Christian novels, especially those set during 1800's, as well as crime fiction. She is also a movie enthusiast though she says her perfect day would be spent at the beach with her whole family.

Joanne is a dedicated supporter of the International Justice Ministries. She says, “I want women to feel appreciate, valued and feel safe. This ministry helps release men and women from slavery, prostitution and other abusive situations and those are issues about which I feel very strongly.”

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