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Janine Wilkinson

Janine Wilkinson

“I am passionate about children being able to put their trust in Jesus Christ, know that they are loved, and at Norwest Christian College for a reason,” says Janine. “It is not an accident that these students come to the College. God has a purpose and a plan for each one of them.”

As an educator, Janine is particularly focussed and dedicated to running programs which supports students' learning needs. “Seeing a child who struggles with learning go from someone who lacks confidence to someone who is willing to have a go and is achieving to the best of their ability is so exciting to me,” she says. Janine makes a point of reaching out to children having issues with either low self-worth or understanding their own emotions and reactions to others. “I also think that it is so important for us to reach out and support their families as well.”

Janine also mentors the girls in Stage 4 and helps them transition into the Secondary years. “I try to encourage the girls to realise that they are unique and special, to rely on their own qualities and character. They don’t need to try and create an image that is often modelled to them by the media.”

When she’s not at work, Janine likes to relax by watching a movie, reading, cooking, going for walks or spending time with her family. The addition to her family of two little grandsons has brought great joy and added a whole new dimension to life. Janine recently completed a Bachelor of Behavioural Studies in Psychology, and is now considering post-grad study. She takes an active role in her church community by leading a youth music team, plays a pivotal role in planning the church’s special events, as well as participating in the programing team. Janine also currently works as a volunteer for The Smith Family as a Student2Student Supervisor. "This is a reading program which buddies up students who need reading support with volunteer students from various schools who ring their buddy 2-3 times per week and read with them over the phone."

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