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Evan Moore

Evan Moore

Evan is a firm believer in the possibilities created for learning by the introduction of technology into the classroom. He is excited, like many of his fellow teachers, about the opportunities for access and engagement presented by the College’s new policy on student devices. Above all else, Evan is dedicated to sharing his faith with his students. He says it should be a teacher’s mission to “genuinely apply our Christian faith to all areas of school life.”

Each teacher is capable of having a unique influence on the students they teach. It was one of his own Primary school teachers that first inspired Evan. “I had a teacher late in primary school who's passion for learning was infectious,” he says. “She connected with me, my interests and my learning style in a way which no other teacher had. This teacher had a great effect on my attitude towards learning.”

Now as a teacher in his own right, Evan aspires to have the same motivating influence on his own students. “Seeing young people discover new things, take enjoyment in their learning and connect with their own personal passions is what makes teaching worthwhile,” he says.

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