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Estelle McNaught

Estelle McNaught

Estelle changed careers to teaching as she wasn’t enjoying her job as an Exercise Physiologist, “I loved assisting my husband lead a youth group with our local church. Around the same time my friend suggested I join her in completing a distance education diploma in teaching and I joined up without a second thought. I just knew it was where I was meant to be.”

With a Bachelor of Applied Science and a Diploma of Education, Estelle joins our Secondary Science team as Head of Science. “Most of my memorable experiences in teaching come from getting the students out of the classroom and interacting with Science in real life, which might be simply going to the garden and identifying parts of a flower or taking them off campus. These out of the classroom experiences enhance the learning experience back in the classroom.”

Estelle attends Riverstone Community Church and enjoys being a part of the children’s ministry. In her spare time she enjoys being active and involved in sports. “Parkrun is my regular sport these days, not much prevents me from doing parkrun on a Saturday morning, even if I have to push a double pram!”

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