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Emily Kitto

Emily Kitto

As an alumnus of the school herself, Emily has grown to capture the values and ideals of the College and is proud to once again be a part of its core community. With a Diploma of Children Services, in Early Childhood Education, and over eight years’ experience serving in the ministry at Vineyard Christian Church, Emily is overjoyed at the experiences she was able to collect and the amazing team of friends and coworkers she has been blessed to surround herself with. “I have really enjoyed the opportunity to work with a great team,” Emily expressed with gratitude, “and I thank God every day for that blessing.”

“During my time as a student at Norwest I learned so much, and gained so much confidence through the support and guidance of my wonderful teachers and peers.” Emily now works in the Caterpillar room, imparting her well-worn wisdom on the three year olds in the Early Learning Centre. “It was such a great atmosphere to be in when I was at school and I'm happy to be back at Norwest as a teacher and being able to give others the opportunities, love, and time I was given when I was there.”

After working in a summer camp in America for three months, Emily found her passion for early childhood education after seeing the impact she could have on the children’s lives. “I was able to share with them the love of Jesus,” Emily said, “however, at the end of the three months I realised how much the children had taught me.” She believes that this experience changed her view and opened her eyes to her intended career. “Their enthusiasm, openness, and joy for life was so amazing to be immersed in. It was then that I decided I could do this every day and that's when I started my study as a childhood educator.”

“I think the College is unique because there are a range of teachers and educators who do not solely focus on teaching, but to also build children up with purposeful lives. They encouraged us to believe in God, to love Him, and to find their identity in Him.” Emily has tried to use her memories of her teachers to develop a unique style of creative teaching, finding out of the box ways to engage all the children.

“My time at Norwest Christian College definitely strengthened my relationship with God, and I hope to see the same affect in my students.” Emily is passionate in all areas of her life and faith, wanting only the best for those around her. “It's amazing how such a diverse range of teachers and support staff can all work together for one sole purpose.”

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