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Elizabeth Cox

Elizabeth Cox

“A prayer I love thanks God for ‘all that is beautiful in creation and in the lives of men’ and one of the joys of teaching is introducing the next generation to the beautiful complex world God has created and helping them to hear and understand His voice and plan in it,” Elizabeth said. “I love to encourage students to interact with and critique the learning, creativity and commentary of others – and then to “join the conversation” themselves. I am so thankful that God has not only created a beautiful complex world, but has given such a vast array of talents to his people. “

Elizabeth is returning to Norwest to pursue her love of English teaching. She was Head of Curriculum and Pedagogy at Norwest for many years, where she valued the vibrant learning community. “I love the fact that although my own area of interest is literature, I am surrounded both at home and at school by people who see the world through different eyes. One of the joys of Norwest Christian College is to be part of a community of experts in their field who are eager to share their enthusiasm and skills.”

Elizabeth has a deep love for Jane Austen and the English novelists of the 19th century. However she also loves to read new books, and lots of them. Each year she reads the major English language prizewinners, but enjoys books from different cultures and different genres – some she comes across in her travels and some are given by students. “Two of my favourites are about a Palestinian poet returning to his homeland and another about a group of Indian villagers who journey by train around their vast country,” she says. ”Recently – as my daughter has moved to the mountain country of the United States - I have begun to search out the literature and songs of those areas.”

Elizabeth has had a lifelong commitment to overseas missions. She and her husband have been involved in Interserve for many years, working in Kathmandu, Nepal for 12 years. “Those were years where my teaching career took a back step to caring for my three small children and involvement with the local Nepali Christians in their rapidly expanding church” she says. “These days we support cross cultural ministry at a small multiethnic church in Rockdale where I am part of the Kids Church team.”

On her return to Australia, she completed a Masters in Education at Sydney University. She has now embarked on a Graduate Diploma of Divinity at SMBC where she is revelling in being a student again.” It’s challenging to study the Bible and theological writers at this level – but such a privilege to be able to study them in depth and with such inspiring teachers.”

Elizabeth also takes great joy from spending time at her family farm. “I can swap city clothes and concerns for gumboots, a herd of gentle cows, and the glorious expanses of the starry night sky.”

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