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Colin Wood

Colin Wood

Colin Wood joins the Norwest team as our Deputy Principal in Term 1, 2019. Colin has extensive experience in Christian Education and is looking forward to serving as part of the community of Norwest Christian College. “It's been a pleasure meeting the staff and I share their enthusiasm for honouring Christ in all that we do to assist young people in understanding who they are in Christ and what His purpose is for each of them.” He believes that as Christian educators “we are like-minded in working toward each student discovering their God-given purpose and responding to that understanding with action”.

Colin believes that “in a culture of rapid change, most noticeably in how people relate and communicate, but also in how we look for and find answers, I believe it is crucial to clearly share the peace that comes from knowing what we have available through Christ and how we don't need to be defined by our culture or our mistakes.”

One of Colin’s greatest teaching moments is when he discovered the genuine thrill of the light bulb moment, “when somebody gets it - it's even more of a thrill when they have applied themselves and persevered to achieve improved understanding. The opportunity to disciple young people and develop their faith is a privilege and a significant responsibility”.

Colin completed a Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) has a Graduate Diploma in Education and a Masters in Education focusing on Leadership. He is a father of four children, 3 boys and 1 girl, and along with his wife they attend Kellyville Anglican Church. He has been involved in a number of ministries at KAC including the Children's Ministry, Men's Ministry, Welcome Team and Drama Team.

Spending time with family is Colin’s favourite thing to do. He loves sport, particularly cricket, and takes any chance to be involved in some sort of activity. He plays Touch Football and also coaches U13 cricket. Colin takes joy in jogging a few times each week both for exercise and as a chance to get away from the "noise" of everyday and be in prayer and meditation with God.

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