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Cindy Ham

Cindy Ham

Cindy had wanted to become a teacher from a very early age and developed her love for teaching throughout her schooling life. “When I was in Year 1, I wanted to teach Kindergarten. Then in Year 2, I wanted to teach Year 1,” Cindy said, and so on it went. “I would set up my blackboard and make pretend; calling rolls and setting questions to do.” Cindy also recalled the beginning of her obsession with Mathematics, saying, “I just loved reciting my times table and doing sums.”

Cindy went on to gain a Bachelor of Education (Primary and Mathematics), and a Graduate Diploma of Education in Computer Education. Cindy has worked for the past 18 years at Coffs Harbour Christian Community School as the Head of Mathematics and Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA). She has taught students to HSC level and has enjoyed seeing them grow in their knowledge and do great things with it. “I can see the students having fun and learning, and see how proud they are of their progress,” Cindy said. “I watched a new student grow from last in the class to second, with patience and perseverance.”

“One of the best things to hear in a classroom is a student saying, ‘I get that now.’ It is so rewarding to hear them understand and even better when I find one student that will laugh at my corny jokes.”

Outside of school, Cindy loves to explore towns and various places in Australia, as well as travelling overseas. She likes to spend her spare time cycling with her husband and renovating their home. Cindy often travels to Thredbo and Perisher to tackle the slopes, and enjoys skiing in the holidays. In the last year, Cindy has had the opportunity to study a bible focused course through Moore College, which she found both challenging and rewarding. Cindy also has a passion for music, learning to play the violin in Year 7 then changed to piano and later woodwind, which became her focus for playing in her Church music team.


“I thank God for placing me here at Norwest and look forward to the plans He has for me in this amazing College.”

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