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Cilla Walker

Cilla Walker

Quite the ideas woman, Cilla enjoys being able to use her skills professionally. “I moved into the sales and marketing world fifteen years ago, and discovered I'm actually quite geeky!” she says. “I have a love for data and coordinating information.” Prior to joining the team at the College, Cilla has also enjoyed working and travelling overseas. “I began my working career in early childhood education, which took me around the world for quite a few years, including a year in Istanbul as an adult English Language teacher!”

Cilla's favourite recollections of her career were when she gathered people from across the country to work collaboratively toward a common goal. “I've had the opportunity to do this many times, and I've found it very rewarding to bring people together to share thoughts and experiences.”

With a heart for the teen years, Cilla is very passionate about trying to find bridges for the enormous gap that that exists for our young teens in seemingly most areas of their lives. “Reading materials, music, clothes, church, social outings and entertainment - the list goes on,” she says. “Our young teens need age-appropriate material and experiences to help them continue along the road of healthy self-awareness.” In fact, what attracted Cilla to the College was “the College’s recognition that a young person's gifts are as important as their grades or social confidence,” she explains. “To help children identify and apply their gifts is invaluable for early adult years and beyond.”

In her spare time, Cilla enjoys gardening (for hours on end), spending her summer days at the beach, and winter mountain hikes whenever possible. An enthusiastic reader, traveller, and master of odd foreign phrases, Cilla maintains that her favourite thing to do is be with her family. “I love family time the best, with my children and the community we're happily entrenched in.”

Cilla is looking forward to bringing her previous work experiences and life’s learnings to add value to the College community. “Everyone is just so friendly! The College environment is a fabulous blend of spirituality, individuality, challenge, support, responsibility and humour.”

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