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Bronwyn Davies

Bronwyn Davies

As a working mother with two small children, Bronwyn has very little time to herself but says she wouldn’t have it any other way. In her spare moments, she enjoys reading historical fiction but says she loves nothing more than cooking and baking with her kids. “We now have a healthy vegetable garden and fairy garden that my family are all very proud of,” she claims. “I am also developing a passion for nutrition and how it relates to learning.”

Bronwyn’s decision to become a primary school teacher is closely tied to her faith. “Teaching just seemed to creep up on me and I always felt like it was where God was leading me,” she says. “I come from a family of teachers and watched my mother working in the profession, being a patient and passionate Christian educator, and this certainly helped to inspire my love of teaching.”

Bronwyn believes that teachers have the responsibility and privilege to inspire a life-long love of learning in their students. “I try to recognise each student's unique gifts and talents and nurture them,” she says.  She treasures the things she learns from her students and is continually refining her practise and moving forward. “I know that teachers have the responsibility and privileged position of helping to shape society.”

A passionate advocate of education for all children, Bronwyn supports a sponsor child from Nepal through PLAN. “I am also a passionate supporter of the Hillsong Sisterhood, which places value on all women and plants God's purpose firmly in the hearts of all those that are a part of this community of believers.”

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