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Bree Bond

Bree Bond

Bree joins the College as our Principal's Executive Assistant with 14 years of administration experience. “I realised that not everyone is passionate about being organised, having spreadsheets, order and structure. I'm grateful to know that I am using my God-given abilities to be able to bless the people around me.”

Spending time with family is important to Bree, as a mum of two beautiful boys that also attend the College. Bree and her family can often be found bushwalking, bike riding or enjoying the local ice-creamery. “As a staff member and a parent, I've never experienced such a beautiful school community before. The Building Purposeful Lives framework and the partnership between students, parents and teachers is truly unique and one that I really value.”

In her spare time Bree competes in two triathlons each year to raise money for breast cancer research and she also enjoys DIY projects around their home.

Bree attends St Paul’s Church where she is a mentor for young adults, encouraging and uplifting students through years 12 and 13 as they discover life outside of school. “The program finishes with a mission trip to Fiji which is where my passion really lies. Taking the gospel around the world is a strong passion of mine and to be able to support the Fijian community practically and through relationships is an incredible blessing.”

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