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Bethany Jangara

Bethany Jangara

Growing up as part of a Missionary family, Bethany saw firsthand the personal sacrifices missionaries have to make, as well as the good they do by proclaiming the gospel to those who need it most. Bethany now chooses to serve God by helping students “to fully realise their identity in Christ and in doing so to have real confidence in the knowledge that they have worth far greater than they could imagine.” She also continues to support the Church Missionary Society to keep missionaries abroad.

As an art teacher, Bethany is passionate about providing an environment in which children can learn to express themselves and encourage one another in their creativity even when they are uncertain. “My classroom is a space that allows for risk taking; that challenges students to move out of their safety zones to discover new skills and potential previously unknown,” she says.

Bethany received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the College of Fine Arts (UNSW) and has since gone on to achieve a Master of Art Therapy (UWS) and a Bachelor of Teaching in Secondary Education (UTS). She loves travelling and exploring new places, even right here in Sydney. However she has a particular heart for South East Asia. Most of Bethany’s free time is spent either entertaining her niece and nephews, experimenting with her art or browsing second-hand furniture stores for interesting pieces.

Bethany has a vision for her students to see the potential they can achieve through education. She believes “schooling should empower students to change their current situation and the situation of others.”

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