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Bethany Grose

Bethany Grose

“Instead of defining children by what they cannot do, I believe that they should be treasured for who they are and accommodated for in their learning,” says Bethany, one of our amazing team of Infants teachers. She has a Bachelor of Primary Education, and has almost completed a Masters of Special Education.

Bethany decided to pursue a career in education because she wanted to share her love of learning about the world around us and the people who impact our lives. "I just love the way that children light up when they want to share something they've learned or how they show encouragement to each other through difficult tasks," she says. "Its these little moments that bring me joy and help me to see that the children I teach have amazing futures and I am learning from them more than I could imagine."

“When I was in primary school I had a music teacher who taught us ‘Yellow Submarine’ by The Beatles on recorder,” Bethany recalls. “He inspired me to want to bring the joy of learning to other children.” She is now inspired to make any classroom where she teaches a place where mistakes are seen as opportunities to grow and everyone supports one another in their growth.

Bethany grew up in beautiful Newcastle with the lovely beach at her doorstep, then swapped the sandy shores for trees and countryside. "I have so enjoyed the journey God has taken me on over the last couple of years where He has consistently revealed His amazing love and beauty through the people He brings into my life," she shares. "Over these last two years, I have been reminded of God's calling for us to care for each other and actively share the blessings that God has blessed me with." Education is one blessing that Bethany believes all children should be encouraged in and has joined with Compassion Australia to help bring learning to life for children around the world. "It is wonderful to be able to practically support families in this manner."

When she’s not either at work or studying, Bethany enjoys watching movies, and listening to classic rock and acoustic locals. She likes to have fun with her three nephews and beautiful niece, playing at the park and having water fights. She has another passion that the majority do not share; long road trips. "My friends and I enjoy driving on long road trips, bringing back all the hits with car sing-a-longs." She also loves to take her camera out and photograph the world around me.

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