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Ben Thomas

Ben Thomas

After working part-time, and in various casual roles for the last few years, Ben has joined our staff as a full time Biology and PDHPE teacher. With a Bachelor of Education (Health & Physical Education) from the University of Wollongong, and two years of a Bachelor of Science under his belt, Ben knew that teaching was for him. “I completed my first teaching practicum through university and saw the impact that teachers, and myself, could make through a simple encouragement during a lesson. It showed me the importance of the role of a teacher and how crucial it can be in the life of a student.” Ben has a passion to teach and to serve his students, so that they can have the opportunity to discover God’s plan and purpose for their life for themselves. “I am excited to explore the undiscovered potential of my students and to work with them to unlock their potential.”

Working with his church, Lighthouse Church Wollongong, Ben has discovered different ways to serve and to give back to the community. He has worked for many years with Red Frogs – at Universities and during Schoolies week on the Gold Coast – and supports a sponsor child through Compassion. He also leads worship at his church with his gifts in singing and guitar.

“I love to travel, so far visiting parts of Africa, Europe, Asia and the Pacific, and have coached soccer in Rwanda, Fiji and New Zealand.” Ben is always up for an adventure, and tries to give back to every community he visits. “I was teaching AFL to Fijian students who struggled with English and knew nothing of the sport,” Ben recounted, “and I discovered through that experience, that I was able to engage young people through teaching despite the difficulties that we may face.”

“I think Norwest is unique because of the strong emphasis it places on students finding their unique purpose and individual experience of God's love in their lives, and I will be proud to be a part of its community.”