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Student Graduate Outcomes

Our students are encouraged to explore their gifts and talents, discover their place in the world, and be productive members of society who strive for excellence for themselves, their peers, and their community.

Throughout their time at the College our students:

  • learn while maintaining a love of learning, valuing education as one of life’s treasures;
  • grow in diligence and perseverance so that they are not afraid of hard work in order to achieve a desired outcome;
  • become well-balanced, secure and successful individuals filled with hope, optimism and direction;
  • develop into leaders that impact the world around them, doing so with modesty, humility and respect for others, willing to serve their community rather than themselves;
  • grow a sense of intentionality and an efficacy for the needs they see around them, locally and globally, and seek to meet those needs; and
  • become people that know God’s love and share it with others.



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