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Parent-Teacher Partnership

We believe that an open, collaborative partnership between the two most significant people in a child’s education, their parent and their teacher, is crucial to student well-being and great educational outcomes. Our close partnerships with parents are characterised by frequent, clear communication and proactive planning, for the benefit of the children in our care.

Parents have access to live online student information 24/7. This includes specific student information such as academic reports, awards received, absences, and sick bay attendance, as well as calendar information such as sporting events, excursions, and evening events. Secondary parents also have access to their children’s timetables, upcoming assessment tasks, and results on recent assessment tasks.

We take a proactive and collaborative approach to planning whenever there are challenges to be met. Our Student Progress Meetings (parent-teacher meetings) are held earlier in the academic year to facilitate planning for each child's improved performance. In the Secondary Years, five academic reports are provided per year so parents are well-informed and together with the teachers, they can enforce any necessary changes in a timely manner.

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