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Principal's Welcome

People of influence all have one thing in common; purpose. Without a shadow of doubt, they believe in themselves and their cause and pursue it with a singular resolve.

At Norwest Christian College, for almost 40 years we have remained focused on helping each child in our care develop a vibrant inner life full of hope and optimism, driven by their own sense of purpose. We help our students discover the kind of purpose that ignites their learning and drives them to make a difference in the world. Purpose is at the centre of all that we do.

Our team of highly qualified, talented, and dedicated Christian teachers work respectfully, thoughtfully, and prayerfully with each child and their parents. Their support and expertise is a significant factor in our students’ growth in capacity, self-confidence, and clarity of purpose.

We all know that education builds capacity and that a loving environment lays the foundation for a healthy self-confidence, however we believe that it is clarity of purpose that provides direction to our lives. Norwest Christian College’s Building Purposeful Lives framework, at the centre of all that we do, brings all three of these elements together to enable children to equip themselves with the skills, knowledge and self-confidence to discover that which they were born to do and pursue it with passion and intent.

I look forward to sharing your journey towards a fulfilling and inspiring future for your child, in a place where Jesus is given His rightful place, and students are supported and connected as part of a close-knit community that encourages them to Love God, Pursue their Purpose, and Build their Capacity.

Mr Ian Maynard

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