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Reem’s Story

Reverend Marcus and his wife Reem have served in the church that founded the College for years, subsequently sending their three children; Grace, Jasmine and Tobias, to the school. “It's an excellent school that teaches Christian values throughout the learning curriculum.”

Reem, a teacher herself, appraises the staff, stating that they are “very dedicated and we have been thoroughly blessed by the nurture and encouragement our children have received at school. Our children have received quality educational experiences in their time at the College.”

“The quality of the teachers is impressive,” Reem declared, “the beautiful school community and the school’s commitment to teaching Christian values are things that we take for granted.” Reem claimed that her children have already grown in their “academic abilities, their faith, their confidence and their friendships.”

“Our children love to go to school!” Reem exclaimed, “They have love for learning and come home and tell us about all they have done in the day. They love the clubs that run during lunchtime, especially Ministry for Kids. They have been given the space and ability to create good, solid friendships.”

Reem has claimed that her children are motivated to learn and have a passion to “do their best” at school because of its “vibrant and friendly community”.

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