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Christian Growth and Development

Regular Biblical Studies classes taught by the College Chaplain and Chapel Services led by the student ministry team aim to engage students minds, hearts and lives. Students are given the freedom to explore issues of faith, life and meaning, and discover how to live out their unique calling and purpose.

Christian Education at the College is:
• Jesus centred;
• Biblically based;
• educationally sound;
• creatively taught;
• flexible in structure;
• culturally relevant; and
• responsive to the needs, hurts and interests of students.

Personal and Academic Mentoring

The College supports its Secondary students as they adjust to and manage the complexities of the Secondary learning environment. The Home Group Mentor meets with students daily to study of a broad range of important interpersonal, organisational, academic, and career skills aimed at equipping them for life. Each student’s mentor assists them with any issues surrounding their studies, seeking to translate their own academic success and educational expertise into strategies that will enhance the success of the student they are supporting.

Students will meet with their staff mentors each morning in a session that begins with devotions. Mentors will assist students to remain organised and help them with the phases of College life as they occur. They will also convene Bible-based discussions after each Chapel service and lead students through a targeted well-being program after assemblies that specifically address skills relevant to organisation, study, inter-personal skills, career planning and other relevant topics.

Home Group Mentors will consult regularly with each student to help them navigate their way successfully through this challenging period in their lives, seeking to ensure they:

  • formulate and follow an effective study routine;
  • apply themselves diligently to their studies;
  • employ the most beneficial study techniques;
  • make use of College instructional and tutoring opportunities; and
  • are beginning to formulate a plan for their life.
  • Academic Tutoring

The College supports its Secondary students with a weekly program of after-school tutoring in all core subjects – English, Mathematics, History, Geography and Science. The program is conducted as group sessions, led by a member of staff and supported by volunteer Senior students and gives Secondary students the liberty of attending whenever they need assistance with current class work or systematically addressing a particular area of weakness.

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