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Fostering Creativity

We believe that variety broadens the mind and nurtures creativity.

Specialist Mandarin language instruction broadens students’ global appreciation. There is a growing demand for people to know and understand the mandarin language. By exposing our students to Mandarin in the primary years, we can lay the foundation for fluency as they grow and develop. Children have an incredible ability to learn languages at a young age. It has been shown that second language learning increases cognitive power divergent thinking and creativity, enhanced literacy ability in the first language and communicative abilities.

Specialist Music instruction is provided to our Primary students via an engaging and practical Music program that culminates in our Stage 3 band program. Starting in Kindergarten with a program to develop an enjoyment of music and music appreciation, students are gently engaged with the music curriculum in a fun and non – competitive environment. As students progress throughout their primary years, they are gradually engaged in a greater depth of musical understanding. Students in Stage 2 begin to learn a more formal understanding of music by learning violin. In Stage 3, students join the College band.


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