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Early Stage 1 – Kindergarten

Kindergarten at the College is a year of discovery through play and being gradually introduced to the formalities of school learning. The College understands that starting school can be a nervous time for both parents and students, so we take care to work closely with parents and form a strong home/school partnership.

The students participate in various events throughout the school year which help them form close friendships with the classmates who will be their support for the duration of their school lives. These also help build their curricular and extra-curricular skills. Learning tasks are differentiated to meet the needs of all students, with time spent teaching the many necessary social and academic skills for a strong foundation of learning.

Kindy Readiness and Transition

The transition to Kindergarten is carefully managed during the year prior and then throughout the early months of Kindergarten.

Students already enrolled at the College in our Preparatory program are involved in activities within the whole school during the year. Students participate in the Mother's Day morning tea, Grandparents Day concert and other events with the whole College. In Term 3, our Prep students interact with the Primary students during library borrowing times and at Chapel times. They join the kindergarten students during some activities in Term 4, ensuring that they know and feel comfortable in the Primary school environment. Read more about the School Readiness program in our Early Learning Centre.

Students who are not at the College Preparatory program are invited for a session in the kindergarten classroom. All students who are beginning kindergarten are informally assessed and an interview is held with all parents before beginning at the College so that we can best support each and every student in their transition to kindergarten.


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