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Norwest Seed Academy has a wide range of Dance classes to offer Infants through to Senior students.

Tiny Tots:
Our tiny tots classes consist of three different dance styles: ballet, jazz, and acrobatics. The class runs for 45 minutes and we spend 15 minutes on each style. We focus on the dance basics to help the student to better understand their bodies and rhythm. It sets them up with a good foundation of dance styles, so they will then be able to easily transfer into the styles of their choosing once they get older.

The discipline of graceful movement and elegant lines. A foundational technique whereby skills are fully transferable to open opportunities to explore other styles.

Energetic, beat-driven dancing that makes music with your feet. Dancers will relax into movements and perform with individual flair.

Strong technique-led, energetic style with a strong focus on performance. Jazz classes will be a comfortable mix of modern styles with Broadway choreography.

The combination of grace and poise of ballet and the strong movements of jazz - lyrical creates patterns by extending, reaching and pushing into lovely long lines.

Stretching, Strengthening and Centring:
Improve dance fitness and flexibility with soft music to direct breathing to fully engage the mind and body.

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Our Dance Tutor;

Eirlys Stubbs:
Eirlys has been dance teaching for 14 years. A dancer herself she specialised in more classical styles like ballet, character and tap, but in her teen and adult years explored other styles to be able to provide well-rounded and diverse dance classes. Click here to read more.

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