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Norwest Seed Academy has a wide range of Dance classes to offer Infants through to Senior students.

Our students learn the basic foundations of hip-hop - stepping, house, lyrical, free styling, and break dancing. Every class begins with a warm up involving cardio, strengthening exercises and stretches in order to protect our bodies from injury, followed by centre exercises and passes across the floor. Finishing with a dance combination to combine the skills we are working on.

Our students learn jazz basics - Old School, Broadway, Modern and Funk. We cover isolations, rhythms, props, extensions, turns, and strengthening. Every class begins with a warm up involving stretches, centre and across the floor exercises. The students will also learn jazz combinations where they will not only be challenged physically but in their presentation as well.

Tiny Tots:
Our tiny tots classes consist of three different dance styles: ballet, jazz, and acrobatics. The class runs for 45 minutes and we spend 15 minutes on each style. We focus on the dance basics to help the student to better understand their bodies and rhythm. It sets them up with a good foundation of dance styles, so they will then be able to easily transfer into the styles of their choosing once they get older.

Ballet / Tap: (non examinable)
Ballet / Tap is the foundations for all dance types. Our students will learn the basics in ballet technique combined with Tap movement work.


Our students learn the basic foundations of acrobatics, a safe approach to doing tricks, flexibility, strengthening, trick technique, and how to use their skills in an acro dance routine.


Our students learn technique including balance, control, strengthening, stretching, turns, extensions, and how to implement these skills fluidly in a dance routine. They will be pushed out of their comfort zones in order to explore new and creative movements.

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Our Dance Tutor;

Erica Thigpen - Originally an American based dancer and teacher, Erica is trained in ballet, contemporary, jazz, musical theatre, tap, hip hop and more. While growing up she took part in a range of competitions and dance conventions around Texas, earning titles such as National Championship Soloist in 2014 and 2015 and more. Erica has also danced with organisations such as Dancers Against Cancer, where she grew very passionate about dancing for a cause and a purpose.
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