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Our Seed Academy Academic Tutoring program is an extra curricula studies academy where students will have the opportunity to equip and empower themselves to pursue their purpose. Tutoring is available for of all ages and stages of their schooling. Seed Academy Academics helps build and develop all areas of learning, General Homework and one to one tuition.

We offer a range of tuition in:

  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Science – Biology / Physics / Chemistry
  • General Homework and Academic support

Tutoring will be available to students on a one to one basis with our Seed Academy tutors or group tuition as well. Seed Academy tutoring will be held at the LRC after school.

Our Tutors;

Monique Hubbard - Monique truly believes that you can find the fun in any school subject, and therefore is passionate about helping students reach their own personal goals and discover enjoyment in a subject that they previously may not have enjoyed... To read more click here.

Maxwell Hogan - Mathematics Tutoring in Primary and early Secondary Years.

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