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Uniform Items & Requirements

Students must conform to the College’s policy with regards to both their appearance and attire. Parents are asked to prioritise the correct wearing of uniform as a part of their daily routine, including shoes, hems, hair and make-up. If for some unforeseen reason a student is not able to wear correct uniform, their parent must notify the College in writing, seeking permission for a variation for that day. Students K-12 will present this to the Uniform window, and will be issued with a notice for that day to present to their class teacher (Primary) and mentor (Secondary).

Students who consistently breach the uniform requirements will be withdrawn from the playground and/or classes and may be asked to remain at home until the issue is resolved.

Uniform Items

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Uniform Requirements

A College bag is a compulsory part of the uniform. No non-College bags are to be brought to the College. This means that students may need a second College bag on occasions. There are a range of cost effective College bags suitable for carrying assignments, cooking equipment, sport equipment, smaller musical instruments and for use on excursions.

The blazer must be worn to and from the College in winter by all students and at all formal occasions, including some excursions.

College Badges
Only approved badges that have been earned in the current year may be worn.

College Photos
Students may not be permitted to participate in College Photos if their uniform is not in good repair including smaller details such as the polishing of school shoes and buttons on blazers.

Correct Uniform
Non-uniform items of clothing may not be worn to the College. Students are to wear their uniform correctly at all times, whether on campus or not, including on the way to and from the campus. All uniform items must be the correct size for the student.

Dress / Skirts
Girls’ uniforms must fit properly and not show their midriff or underwear. Girls’ uniform must be worn to regulation dress/skirt length. Skirts must be worn as designed and not folded over at the waistband to shorten them. Dress/skirt length should be at the middle of the knee, give or take 2cm to allow for growth.

Earphones must not be worn around the neck, through clothing or be visible during class-time or class transitioning times.

The clothing specified on the excursion note must be worn on the excursion. Students will not be permitted to attend the excursion if they are not dressed in the uniform specified.

Extra warmth
The College uniform includes various garments to provide extra warmth for students. Combined with appropriate underwear these garments should be sufficient to keep students warm. The College knit jumper or vest may be worn under sports jackets and blazers.

Facial Hair
Students may not wear facial hair of any kind, whether a moustache, goatee, beard or long sideburns.

Formal Occasions
Full formal College uniform is to be worn on all formal occasions, special occasions, College Photo days or excursions unless otherwise specified. Students may not be permitted to participate in the formal event if they are not dressed in the appropriate uniform.

Students must not write, draw, stick or pin items on College bags, uniform items, their own skin or anyone else’s. If a student wishes for a garment to be signed by the community when they leave the College they must bring a separate garment. No one is permitted to sign uniform items that are being worn at the time.

Hair Styles
Hair styles must be neat, clean and not styled or coloured in a way that draws specific attention to the student. This includes bright streaks or partially dyed hair. Hair must be worn off the face and off the collar for all students. Girls with hair longer than the collar are to wear it tied back with hair adornments that are simple and in College colours. Boys are to wear their hair neatly, and, regardless of length, both off the collar and away from the face.

The College expects all students to follow the ‘No Hat, No Play’ rule whilst playing outside. Students must carry a formal uniform hat to be worn with their formal uniform at all times during the year, including for outdoor assemblies and excursions. Students may not be permitted to participate in activities or attend an excursion if they do not have their hat with them. The Norwest Sports hat may be worn instead of the formal hat during recesses and lunchtime if the student is participating in physical activity.

Hot Weather
During hot weather the Head of Years may permit alterations to uniform guidelines. Parents will be notified ahead of time where possible.

One simple ring & one simple watch may be worn. Students may wear a single earring in one or both ear lobes. These may be either plain 1cm diameter sleepers or small plain studs no larger than 5mm in diameter. Please note that pearl, coloured or diamante studs are not permitted to be worn to school. No other jewellery is permitted including bracelets & necklaces. The College may make exceptions for certain medical ID items and religious necessities. All other visible piercings are to have clear plastic fillers in them or be empty. Non-compliant earrings may not be covered by tape of any kind. Getting an additional piercing during the school term is not an acceptable reason to vary this requirement. All additional items of jewellery will be confiscated and held safely.

Mobile phones, keys or other items may not be worn around the neck.

Make up is not to be worn in the Primary Years. In the Secondary Years make-up must be discreet and not draw undue attention to the student. Students will be asked to remove make-up that is deemed to be inappropriate by the College. This includes ‘heavy’ mascara and eyeliner.

A student’s attire must not draw undue attention to them. Uniforms must fit properly, not revealing their midriff or underwear. Boys’ pants must be worn at the waist, not the hips or lower.

Non-Uniform Dress
At all College events/activities (including mufti days, camps, and performance events) students must wear clothes that are suitable for the activity and appropriately modest (no more revealing than the normal College uniform). The clothes must be clean and in good condition. Students must not wear any article of clothing that exposes their midriff or is revealing. Enclosed shoes must be worn for protection of the feet. Slogans, symbols and graphics on clothes deemed inappropriate by the College will not be permitted. The College reserves the right to withdraw students from class, the playground or any other College activity/event and will contact parents if clothing is deemed to be unacceptable. The following items of clothing are not suitable: short skirts or shorts, thongs or sandals, and singlets as the outer garment.

Nail Polish
Only clear colourless nail polish may be worn.

Name Labels
All clothing must be clearly and permanently labelled (on the inside) with the student’s name.

Optional Items
Unless stipulated as optional, all listed items are mandatory. Optional items, except vests and jumpers, must not be worn on formal occasions, special occasions, College Photo days or excursions.

Girls’ and boys’ pants, including track suit pants, must be worn at the waist, not on the hips or lower. They must cover the socks when standing but not touch the ground. Secondary Years boys’ grey pants must be secured by a plain buckled black belt.

Rain Coats
Rain coats may be worn to protect students from the rain.

Shirts and Blouses
Uniform shirts and blouses are designed to be worn untucked and may be worn so, as long as they are of an appropriate length. Otherwise they must be completely tucked inside the skirt or pants. If they are to be worn out, shirts and blouses must be altered to the correct length where necessary. Shirts must not be visible under knitwear and may need to be tucked in to facilitate this. Shirts must be tucked in when wearing College tie.

Sports Carnivals
Students are encouraged to wear their House shirt on carnival days. If House shirts are not worn, then the College Sports Uniform must be worn.

Sports Representation
Full College Sports Uniform or team uniform must be worn on representative days

Sports Uniform
Sports Uniform items are not to be worn with the formal uniform. Sports Uniform may only be worn to the College on sport day or on excursions where it is specified. Primary students may also wear their Sports Uniform on PE days. Secondary students must change into their Sports Uniform for PE classes (even in Period 1) and must change back into their formal uniform immediately after their PE lesson (even in Period 5).

State of Repair
Uniforms must be kept clean and in good repair. Garments may not be worn with holes or tears in them. Significant damage to any item of uniform will require the item being replaced.

Ties are required to be worn by boys from Years 3 to 12 when in winter uniform. Boys in Years 3 to 10 will wear the green tie and boys in Years 11 and 12 will wear the rust coloured tie. Ties may be worn with the formal uniform in the summer months. The College may also request boys wear the College tie for formal occasions regardless of season, with prior notice.

Underwear must not be visible at the neckline, the sleeve or the waist, with the exception of students in ELC who may wear a plain white long-sleeved shirt or skivvy under their formal uniform or sport shirt in winter. A plain white singlet may be worn in summer or a plain white V-neck T-shirt may be worn in winter. Coloured T-shirts or T-shirts with designs on them must not be worn as underwear. Girls must not wear coloured underwear that is visible through their blouse.

The Norwest Christian College Winter Season begins at Mothers’ Day (May) and ends at Fathers’ Day (September). Students must wear winter uniform between these dates. Boys and girls may wear their blazer outside of these times as an optional item.

Year 6 Shirt
The Year 6 sports shirt may be worn on sport and PE days only.

Year 12 Jersey
The Year 12 Jersey is an optional uniform item for Year 12 students only. The Year 12 Jersey may be worn in place of the formal jumper or tracksuit top only and may not be worn on formal occasions, special occasions, College Photo days or excursions. The Head of Secondary Years will specify any other occasion where the jersey may not be worn. In winter, the blazer is to be worn to and from school as the outer garment.

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