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Gluten Free Option Update
Due to the growing number of students requiring gluten free options, we can no longer absorb the costs in our current pricing structure. Therefore gluten free bread will now cost an additional $1.50 per item.

Canteen Orders

Canteen orders for recess and lunch may be processed online via the College’s Munch Monitor system. Parents and students order online from the canteen menu and this information is automatically relayed to the College canteen. Orders may be placed online up to four weeks in advance.

Primary students are only permitted to order hot food online via the College’s Munch Monitor system or parents of students may also place a hand written order bag with cash into their child’s classroom canteen bucket. No hot food will be sold to Primary students over the counter at either Recess or Lunch. Primary students are to collect recess orders from the canteen counter and lunch orders will be returned to the classrooms. If change is required it will be taped to the front of the order bag to be returned home.

Secondary students are encouraged to place their lunch order online via the College’s Munch Monitor system or at the canteen window at 10am if paying with cash. Orders will be available to collect from the canteen counter at the start of lunch, avoiding the need to queue.

All students may still make purchases of canteen items such as snacks and treats after eating time in the Primary Years, and after all orders have been collected in the Secondary Years.

To set up a Munch Monitor online account, go to www.munchmonitor.com, enter username ‘norwest’ and password ‘munch2765’. Click Sign Up to create a parent profile, add students to your account and top up accounts via ANZ’s secure gateway. Parents are able to provide a list of allergies to alert canteen staff during account sales. Munch Monitor costs $3.65 incl. GST per term per family account.

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