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Meg Pendlebury

Ever since she was little, Meg knew she wanted to teach. “It has always been my dream to be a teacher. I always enjoyed school, and I admired the heart my teachers put into their lessons.” As a graduate of Macquarie University, with a Bachelor of Arts and Education, Meg has had experience in the public school system, but says she will always remember her teachers. “They came alive in the classroom and thrived on engaging with students each day and I want to give my students a similar experience of schooling.”

For 20 years, Meg and her family have been a part of St Judes Anglican Church, where she had the privilege of serving by leading youth group, kids clubs, and being part of the music team. “I have enjoyed the opportunities to serve, and support my church and ministry.” Meg loves to sing, and blesses her church with his talent. She has also spent her spare time exploring the world. “I love to travel and explore God’s creation and experience different places and cultures.”

“The ability to offer quality education through a Christian lens is something that really excites me about teaching.” Meg aims to help her students not only understand the world, but God’s place within it. She is passionate about public speaking, debating and the creative arts, and hopes that she can show these passions to her students through her teaching styles. “I really understand how the little things teachers do on a day to day basis can have big impacts for their students, fostering in them curiosity and a love of learning.”

Meg teaches Stage 2, and is so grateful to be a part of an amazing primary staff. “My colleagues genuinely love and care for all of their students and want to lead them in their love and knowledge of God.”