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Developing BPL

The Building Purposeful Lives (BPL) framework has been developed in consultation with both parents and College staff. To learn more watch the Developing BPL video.

Learning Vision Workshops

Throughout 2015 Mr Maynard, our Principal engaged with staff and parents in various meetings and at a Learning Vision Workshop. These gatherings gave staff and parents the opportunity to contribute their perspective in relation to the cultural genes, character traits, qualities, dispositions, and skills they wish to see instilled in our students.

Staff Working Party

Mr Maynard then convened a working party of staff volunteers that aimed to distil the ideas from these workshops and form them into a framework that accurately represent the College’s DNA; those things that the College community values and are integral to who we are and the type of graduates we seek to grow.

BPL Launch

The resultant Building Purposeful Lives framework was launched in February 2016 at an event that included staff, parents, and students. With the cutting of the BPL cake and the distribution of freshly developed materials to families, parents began a process of familiarisation with the Framework, equipping them to work alongside College staff with their own children. College staff also began an extensive process of planning the implementation.

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