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College Response to Bush Fire Risk

College Response to Bush Fire Risk

Dear College Families,

A Catastrophic Fire Danger has been forecast for tomorrow, Tuesday, 12 November, for Greater Sydney.

Today we have communicated with Busways and RFS to determine our decision regarding tomorrow and to communicate with families. The College land is not identified as “bush fire prone” and we have made the following decisions:

- The College will be open tomorrow for a regular school day. However, some staff will be absent due to the fire weather warnings and the impact on their personal situation. This will have an impact on normal lessons.
- We will proceed as planned with our Movimento event in the evening.
- All College provided and Busways bus services are running as planned.
- The College strongly advises any family that lives in a bushfire risk area to implement their Bushfire Survival Plan.
- As per our regular procedure for recording student absences an SMS will come to families who have a child absent and it will require an explanatory response from parents/guardians. If the reason for the absence is due to a Bushfire Survival Plan for your family please respond to the SMS with “due to the risk of bushfire we chose to keep our children away from school today”.
- Likewise, the regular procedures for signing out a student during the day are in place.
- If a fire occurs in our local district, the College will work with all Emergency Services to keep students and staff safe.

I think it appropriate to share with you that there are a number of College staff, and I expect families, who are RFS volunteers. I encourage you to pray for all who are affected by the current fires in NSW and for any new fire emergencies that may arise tomorrow.

Yours sincerely,

Colin Wood
Deputy Principal

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