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Student Care and Mentoring

Each College student has the benefit of a significant adult that monitors their personal and spiritual development, as well as their academic progress and communicates where necessary with parents. In the Primary Years this role is performed by class teachers and in the Secondary Years it is performed by Home Group mentors who meet with students on a daily basis. These staff form a partnership with parents that is focused on the needs of the whole child. They implement the College’s well-being program and coach their students in the academic, interpersonal, and self-management skills necessary for a successful school experience and a successful life.


Every member of our community has the right to feel safe, secure, and happy whilst on campus and/or involved in College activities. Biblical principles are clear in their provision for a society that is free from harassment. The College encourages all community members to obey Jesus’ greatest commandment - to love our neighbours as ourselves.

Establishing and maintaining a safe, secure, positive, and supportive environment is a key factor in the learning process and an expression of our love for those in our care, requiring the ongoing investment of time and resources. The College acknowledges that people’s behaviour affects the relationships that underpin such an environment and that the skills required to establish these positive relationships should be taught and modelled. We seek to provide a safe environment where students are encouraged to be tolerant of individual differences and respect others at all times. This goal requires both clear guidelines and a commitment from families to work with the College.

For this reason the College does not tolerate bullying and anti-bullying education programs are incorporated throughout learning programs. Patterns of bullying are treated very seriously and a system of steps is instituted to ensure that an offending student progresses through increasingly serious consequences whilst protecting victims from their behaviour.

Celebrating Diversity

The College values diversity and aims to promote an environment in which individuals are accepted and included regardless of difference. We aspire to go beyond the acceptance or tolerance of difference – we seek to celebrate the diversity that God has within His creation, acknowledging that it is diversity that makes a community colourful and unique. More importantly though, we seek to engender an understanding that it is diversity that makes a community strong.


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