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Chapel Summary – Week 9, Term 2

Chapel Summary - Week 9, Term 2

Primary Chapel continued in classrooms to explore the teachings of Jesus from the Sermon on the Mount. This week, classes looked at the idea of storing up your treasures in Heaven, rather than on Earth, where they do not break (Matthew 6:19-21). Quizworx used playdough actors to explore the difference between loving Jesus and loving our stuff, which we then applied too different areas of our lives such as school, home, toys and money. Students completed various treasure crafts and ways to retell the passage to reflect on how to put this teaching into practice in our lives now.

Secondary Chapel continued working their way through the Old Testament using the timeline below.

This week, we arrived at the books of Numbers and Joshua as we journeyed with the Israelites through the wilderness and into the land God had promised them. Ben Dixon from Riverstone Baptist Church shared with students a brief overview, but also reflections on what we can learn from these passages for today. We saw from 1 Corinthians 1:1-12 and Hebrews 3:1-14 that the disobedience of the Israelites is a warning to us and we need to be careful, encouraging one another daily so that our hearts don’t go astray. The challenge of listening to God and choosing to serve Him amongst the difficulties of life was ever present for the Israelites and students spent time brainstorming what areas of their life we also find it difficult. In conclusion, we prayed through Psalm 25:4-5 asking for God’s guidance to know the path’s we should follow.

Julian Elton

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