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Chapel Summary Week 4

Chapel Summary Week 4

In both Primary and Secondary Chapel this term, we are exploring the theme of ‘God’s Promises’ in the Bible. In particular, we are looking at who Jesus is and what he has done, giving us a firm foundation that ‘all the promises of God are “Yes” in Christ’ (2 Corinthians 1:20).

This week, our Primary Chapel students were visited by Clare Wimble from the camping organisation and school’s ministry organisation, Crusaders. Clare explored the promise of Jesus, that God will be the one to reward us in Heaven (Matthew 6:1-15), rather than getting our rewards from the praise of others. She used the example of being a ‘kindness ninja’, someone who serves God and serves others without being seen. She challenged our Primary students to find one way that they could be a kindness ninja this week. Our primary lunchtime group, Ministry for Kids, also began with an amazing start to the year as we explore what it means for God to transform us from the ‘Inside Out’. Clare also highlighted an upcoming Crusaders ‘Day camp’ called Pulse that is happening nearby.

Our Secondary Chapel was visited by Tyrone Sajo, a youth leader from the Hillsong Hills campus. Tyrone explored the same idea of where we should find our reward. He compared those who have been ‘rewarded in full’ who get their reward from the amount of likes their pictures have received on Instagram to those who are serving for God’s reward. He used the example of the widows offering in Mark 12:41-44 where we are called to give our utmost to God, even if we feel like it is nothing or that we will be criticised for it. Students looking for a youth group in the area, were informed that Tyrone would love to welcome them along to Hillsong Youth on Friday nights, which a number of our Secondary students already attend.

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