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BPL Friends

Norwest Christian College’s Building Purposeful Lives (BPL) Friends are a group of animated characters that help our young learners to remember and understand the dispositions they are seeking to grow in their lives.

BPL Characters_Eddie Engage_xsml3

Eddie engages well with the world and reminds us that it is important to be noticing our surroundings, focusing on the task at hand, immersing ourselves in important tasks or areas of passion, and persevering when challenges arise.

BPL Characters_Molly Manage_xsml3

Molly manages her life well and reminds us of the importance of planningresourcing and regularly reviewing progress and adjusting our approach if our projects are to be successful. Molly also understands the importance of regularly reflecting and distilling what we have learned in the process so that we can improve.

BPL Characters_Coco Create_xsml3

Coco is very creative and reminds us that questioningimagining, and linking ideas together each open up different kinds of possibilities, whilst reasoning tests which possibilities are most suitable.

BPL Characters_Riley Relate_xsml3

Riley relates well to others and reminds us that empathising is crucial as we go about emulating others as well as communicating and collaborating with them.

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