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What is BPL?

Building Purposeful Lives (BPL) is Norwest Christian College’s framework for learning and life that encompasses our Vision for each community member’s life. Some schools have a learning framework, but not many have a Framework To Live By. BPL sits at the heart of all that we do as a community and reflects beautifully the values of our community as well as the way we seek to live; children, young people, and adults together, both at school and at home in our family lives.

  • We seek to Love God through faith in Jesus, asking him to give us both wisdom and virtue, so that we might serve those around us.
  • We Pursue our Purpose by discovering our gifts and passions and surrounding ourselves with a network of likeminded people. We then live a life full of confidence and integrity, focused on an aspirational goal.
  • To achieve this we Build our Capacity to manage ourselves in an organised and creative way, to engage with the world, and relate to others.

We know that the school years are a crucial time for young people to build their capacity, so this section includes sixteen key dispositions that we together seek to grow throughout their school lives, both at home and during the school day. These dispositions are what will enable our young people to be great learners and confident, successful adults, able to tackle the challenges presented to them in an ever-changing world.

  • We Engage with the world by carefully noticing, and by focusing and persevering where required so that we can immerse ourselves in learning.
  • We Manage our lives through planningresourcing ourselves well and reviewing our progress as we go, adjusting as necessary. We then distil as much learning as possible from every experience.
  • We Create things that add value to the world by questioning how things are and using our imaginationand reasoning to link ideas together to make new possibilities.
  • We Relate to those around us using various forms of communicationempathising with different perspectives and emulating others’ strengths as we collaborate.

To learn more click on the linked words and phrases throughout this page to watch various explanatory videos. Click here to view/download the BPL A3 Poster which will also help College parents and our students to understand the key ideas of the BPL framework.

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