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ANZAC Day Celebrations

ANZAC Day Celebrations

Marking the centenary of the cessation of hostilities in 1918, the 2018 ANZAC Day commemorations were particularly poignant this year.

Over sixty students, their parents and teachers proudly represented Norwest Christian College this year at the Riverstone ANZAC Day Dawn Service. Students and their families gathered around the College banners in the pre-dawn cold and dark early in the morning on ANZAC Day, before marching to the memorial and joining thousands of local residents in commemoration of the sacrifices made on our behalf by servicemen and women around the world.

Our College ANZAC Day service this year focused on those who currently serve in our Australian Defence Force, and we were pleased to welcome one of our current Primary Years parents, Mrs Michelle Gollop, as guest speaker. Mrs Gollop serves as a sergeant in the Royal Australian Air Force, and spoke eloquently on the values of honour, mateship and self-sacrifice that continue to sit at the heart of what drives our servicemen and women. Following the ANZAC Day Service, Mrs Gollop joined Stages 2 and 3 and gave a presentation on the work of medical services in the Australian Defence Force today, thrilling our students with demonstrations involving life-like mannequins used to train Australian Defence Force personnel in the field.

Our students were left with a sense of heartfelt gratitude and deeper understanding of the sacrifices made on their behalf by men and women in times of conflict, and a greater determination to live lives worthy of those sacrifices.

Owen Laffin
Head of Secondary Years


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ANZAC Day Celebrations

Marking the centenary of the cessation of hostilities in 1918, the 2018 ANZAC Day commemorations were...

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