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2019 – that’s a wrap

2019 - that's a wrap

The 2019 school year is done and for one Kindy class they’re disappointed to have reached what they have been calling “the saddest day” – the day where they are no longer together as a class with their teacher. For others there may be disappointment in how the year has gone or joy in personal successes and for some the relief from the tiredness from an emotionally, physically and academically challenging year is here. For me, I’m looking forward to the break – Christmas with family followed by camping with family and friends (and hopefully some sleeping in).

I’ve really enjoyed being welcomed into the Norwest team and I’ve learnt a lot from seeing God at work in the people and activities of the College. Thanks to those parents who have said “Hi” this year, I’ve really appreciated the warm friendship of so many in the College community. I’m also looking forward to 2020 and beyond with so many things planned on both the small scale and the big scale.

As I write I can see a pattern - the things that we value are often involving or about other people – certainly that’s the case for me, as I look back over my life and as I look ahead.

I pray that you will enjoy a positive time of refreshment and recreation over Christmas; a time that is positive for families. I acknowledge that for some Christmas can bring reminders of damaged or lost relationships that brings anxiety and challenge and my prayer for those people is to gain comfort from Jesus – the Prince of Peace.

I pray every year that I will learn something new about the miracle of Christmas and as I reflect I think the personal element of Jesus coming to Earth to be with people is what I’ll be considering as I look forward to time with family and loved ones. It is genuinely amazing to think that God came to Earth, born as a baby and went through basically the same life experiences as every person.

Colin Wood
Deputy Principal

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